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What is Infrared Heating?

What is Infrared Heating?

Infrared light isn't visible to the human eye, it is beyond our visible spectrum. Infrared heat is a product of this light. The reason we get warm from an infrared heater is because our skin and clothes absorb the light as it hits us, it does not heat the air around us. The waves of infrared only generate heat when they meet and colide with an object. ie. The Infrared Rays from the sun, hit and warm the globe, the structures on it and the people and animals on it.

Infrared Heat is the heat source that has been warming human beings since we first appeared on our planet about 100,000 years ago.

In simple terms it's like the difference between being directly in the sunlight versus sitting in the shade. You feel warm in the sun because the light that hits your clothes and skin keeps you warm, but when you're in the shade, the light doesn't reach you as well.

How Do infrared Heaters Work?

How Do infrared Heaters Work?

There are several kinds of infrared heaters which fundamentally work in 1 of 2 ways.
Some direct their infrared light straight into a room or space to create heat on the object it reaches, this is how the Solamagic range offered by Crocodilla work.

Other infrared heaters contain three parts that create heat: infrared light bulbs, a heat exchanger (such as a good metal conductor) and a fan that blows air onto the exchanger to create the heat.

Infrared heaters also differ in fuel source. There are propane, natural gas and electric models of Infrared heaters.
The Solamagic Range are powered by electricity, the more environmentally friendly power source, especially when contributed to by solar Panels.

Are Infrared Heaters Efficient?

Are Infrared Heaters Efficient?

Infrared heating is now widley regarded as the most efficient heating system for use in homes and outdoor situations. It's efficiency stems from the conversion of it's power source into infrared wavelengths, nealry all of the power is converted into heat, and tests have shown that the overall efficiency of the use of Infrared is 70% more efficient than gas and oil heating systems.

Why is electric infrared heating the future? The introduction of domestic internal (and external) infrared heating is revolutionising the heating market, offering incredible heat at a fraction of the running cost. The amount of power used by these systems is tiny compared to that of storage or convection heaters i.e. convection 2000w (2kw) and infrared 570w (0.57kw) so immediate savings and reduction in carbon emissions can be found; [Source;]

In a nutshell Infrared heating is today's best choice.

In a nutshell Infrared heating is today's best choice.

Infrared heating is up to 70% more energy-efficient than oil-fired boilers, gas heaters and electric night storage heaters. Reduce energy costs by switching to Infrared.

Infrared heaters are good for buildings, the air isn't heated and circulated reducing the likelihood of damp, mould, condensation etc. There are no chimneys, no flues, no storage tanks of dangerous substances.

Heating as nature intended it to be!
By acting in the same fashion as the radiant heat of the sun: infrared heating gives you a sense of well-being raising your metabolic rate.

Infrared does not cause air motion - so it doesn't spread dust and germs.

Easy to install! If you can hang a picture on a wall, you can install an infra-red heater - Solamagic Infrared heaters. are wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, free-standing and mobile devices.

Outdoor Heating using Infrared Heaters for Commercial and Domestic Use

Outdoor Heating using Infrared Heaters for Commercial and Domestic Use

All of the benefits of internal use are passed to the external use of Infra-red heaters. They are extremely efficient and cost saving so are favourites for the keen minded business owners.

Outdoor eating areas in pubs, pub smoking areas, pub gardens can all be heated using infrared heaters, extending the daytime and seasonal use of those out door areas.

Hotels with outdoor patios, smoking areas, open conservatory areas used for eating and socialising again can all be heated with infrared heaters extending the daytime and seasonal use of those areas. Furthermore, hotels with penthouse suites with balconies can add an extra dimension to the outdoor area, allowing those special visitors to enjoy the area into the evening and as the season turns cooler.

Domestic gardens, patios and gazebos again will all benefit from this stylish and cost effective heating system, while being kind to the environment.

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