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Outdoor Heaters

In the UK we have seen an increase in outdoor leisure facilities, events, entertaining etc over the last 10 years. With economic climates testing all businesses the leisure industry constantly looks for ways to extend the use of facilities to both attract more customers and keep them in situ for longer periods of time. This has created a need and a market for outdoor heaters.

At home, a large percentage of us look for ways to extend the use of our own outdoor facilities such as building a patio or decking area for outdoor eating and entertaining. Once we have our patio or decking in use, we are quickly influenced by the UK climate to investigate methods of heating our outdoor areas to enable us to use them long after the sun has gone down.

For a few years now there has been a commercial push on outdoor heating equipment which has produced a few great pieces of equipment along with some real eyesores that force a trade off between pleasing aesthetics and the provision of warmth.

SOLAMAGIC®, a German infrared specialist has readdressed the need for outdoor heating that is not only effective and efficient but that offers design which is pleasing to the eye and available in a vast range of colours.

Their infrared outdoor heaters are versatile in that they can be installed virtually anywhere from ceilings, walls, windshields, awnings, parasols and free standing units to position where appropriate.

Garden Heater

Garden Heaters, Patio Heaters, Balcony and Terrace Heaters have all been produced by one manufacturer or another but SOLAMAGIC® has in essence created them all and then gone that little bit further.

The SOLAMAGIC® range offers an outdoor (and indoor) heating solution to most problems! The versatility of the range is heightened by the adaptability of the formats.

With the Sundowner range for example, a selection of free standing infrared outdoor heaters, SOLAMAGIC® has not only made the design flexible in that you can add table tops and if needed advertising plaques to the stands, but they have also allowed for a range of powers. The Sundowner Range can heat areas from 4 square meters to 30 square meters.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heat is now recognised as being cost efficient, safe and environmentally friendly in comparison to fuel burning heating appliances. Infrared Garden heaters by SOLAMAGIC® which are available in the UK through Crocodilla are the ideal answer to outdoor heating needs, offering ECONOMY, EFFICIENCY, VERSATILITY and CLASS!

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