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About Crocodilla's Choice of Solamagic

About Crocodilla's Choice of Solamagic

Crocodilla's focus has always been on supplying the best possible solutions to our clients across our range of businesses. As part of our garden products range we wanted to supply both domestic and commercial infrared heaters to extend the daily and seasonal use of outdoor areas. We reviewed the product range and selected Solamagic as our choice from the manufacturer Knoch Light. We belive we have sympathetic goals and standards in the manufacture and supply of products to our customers.

About Knoch Light

About Knoch Light

Scope for ideas
Founded in 1991 as a lighting manufacturer in Zeulenroda/Thüringen, Germany, they have developed into a continually growing, medium-sized company. Their products combine creative design with premium technology. This allows them to create a convincing illumination and heated technology portfolio that offers versatile design, quality manufacturing and scope.
Their brand, SOLAMAGIC, clearly reflects their mission:
To establish a platform for their customers success based on creativity and leading technical know-how. They stand for quality "Made in Germany". And they are an innovative, flexible and reliable partner for their customers and suppliers.

SOLAMAGIC - Ideas for heat

SOLAMAGIC - Ideas for heat

SOLAMAGIC supplies heat and improves quality of life in many outdoor and indoor areas. The aim is perfect harmony between heat and light.
The objective is optimum use of highly efficient future-oriented, infrared technology in heating. To achieve it, Knoch Light focus on their customers and their individual needs. The infrared radiant heaters convince customers with well thought out functionality, discerning design, and a long service life. They are designed to thrill and to make warmth an emotional experience.

Benefits of Infrared Heaters from Solamagic at a Glance


- Pleasing light atmosphere
- Individual housing finishes possible
- Harmonizes with its surroundings thanks to an attractive and compact design.


- Keeps people warm rather than heating the air


- No heat-up phase
- Effective heat directly after switching on


- 92 % of electric power input is converted to heat approx. £0.24
operating costs per hour (SOLAMAGIC 1400 ECO+) 50 % energy
savings compared with other heated systems


- Infinitely adjustable intensity (via heat control)


- Easy installation
- Wall, ceiling and tripod mountable
- Targeted heat supply thanks to adjustable bracket
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- Maximum mobility thanks to low weight


- No by-products, no consumption of oxygen
- No direct CO2 emission
- No pollution or noise due to air and dust movements during use


- More performance with less energy


- The device is splash water protected and made of weatherproof aluminium
- Special insulation keeps the housing cool to avoid burns in case of contact
- The stainless steel grating at the front provides protection against reaching in
- Improved dazzle protection


- 5000 hours in case of constant heating
(with the exception of SOLAMAGIC 1000 Ambiglow and SOLAMAGIC Go with an average life)

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