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What makes SOLAMAGIC® Infrared different from conventional heating systems?

What makes SOLAMAGIC® Infrared different from conventional heating systems?

With Solamagic's® new infrared heating technology, you can feel the warmth immediately after switching the heater on. You can direct the heat exactly where you want it and enjoy energy savings of up to 30 % when compared to a conventional electric heater. Handling the heater becomes safer, easier and more comfortable.

Indoor & Outdoor Infrared Heating

The Solamagic® Infrared Heater Range provides fantastic options for both indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor infrared heater range caters for the single application of an infrared heater to an awning or parasol or patio wall in a domestic environment right up to multiple units to heat large commercial areas like hotel patio's. The Solamagic® range also includes free standing units with tables which are ideal as meeting points or rest stations for events.

How do SOLAMAGIC® Infrared Heaters work and what is meant by Golden Philips HeLeN lamp?

How do SOLAMAGIC® Infrared Heaters work and what is meant by Golden Philips HeLeN lamp?

Philips HeLeN is the name of the infrared lamp, which sends its rays, much like the sun, directly to people and objects and not into the air so the heat does not dissipate.
Solamagic® Infrared Heaters use electricity to power the Philips HeLeN lamp which delivers the infrared rays. Like the rays from the sun, they are not affected by the wind when used for outdoor heating.

Therapeutic Effect of Infrared Heat

Infrared waves have a therapeutic effect on the body because the body absorbs the heat, so not only does Infrared Heat provide the user with warmth but that warmth is having a therapeutic effect on the body at the same time.

How much heat does the Infrared Heater generate and what surfaces are heated?

A SOLAMAGIC® Infrared Heater does not heat the air as such; instead the warmth has a direct effect on people and objects. This can be compared to solar radiation: where it is cooler in the shade than when directly exposed to the sunlight. The infrared rays are either absorbed by an object or reflected by it. Those reflected rays carry on their path until they meet an object that will absorb them, ie. accept the warmth.
The shape of the polished reflector ensures SOLAMAGIC® Infrared heat is distributed evenly.

Brochure Info

The Solamagic® brochure details each product and you will find both a thermal output graph for each model and the heatable area in cubic meters. You will find an onscreen version of the brochure at the foot of this page, click full screen to view and close using the auto view tool bar which will appear at the top of your screen when you move your mouse to the top of your screen.

How do I install an Infrared Heater?

How do I install an Infrared Heater?

SOLAMAGIC® Infrared Heaters can be installed quickly and easily to a wall, ceiling or structure like an awning or parasol, or on a tripod without any complicated preparations. Just plug it in and that's it. The heat can be easily directed with the help of the adjustable bracket.

Do I have to take SOLAMAGIC® indoors during rain and in winter?

Removal of the heater is not necessary. SOLAMAGIC® Infrared Heaters can remain outdoors during windy and wet weather. The casing is made of weatherproof aluminium and protected against water splashes to IP 24 (control stamp of the TÜV-GS).

How warm does the Infrared Heater's casing get?

Can I suffer burns? A special insulation cools down the casing, so that you cannot suffer burns when touching it. SOLAMAGIC® Infrared Heaters can even be attached to a wooden structure. The stainless steel grille on the front panel protects against any tampering with the lamp.

What life expectancy does the Philips HeLeN lamp have?

With an average frequency of use the lamp has a life of up to 15 years of constant heating output.

What are the operating costs of the SOLAMAGIC® Infrared Heater?

Assuming an energy price of € 0.15 - € 0.20/kWh, the operating costs will amount to
€ 0.21 - € 0.28 per hour (1,400 W). The SOLAMAGIC® heater therefore compares
favourably with any other comparable heating solutions. At UK conversion rates dated Wednesday 15th June the operating costs will amount to £ 0.19 - £ 0.25 per hour (1,400 W).

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