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The Lugano Square Parasol 460EThe Lugano Square Parasol 460E Ref: Lugano460E

The Lugano 460E Square Parasol

Comfortably providing cover for 22 customers/guests the Lugano 460E, with weatherproof Luga-tec fabric available in eight colours, adds both a touch of class and an extension to your customer serving areas. The frames are available in a choice of 48 standard RAL colours which can be seen in the PDF brochure provided by clicking here. Other RAL colours and special non RAL colours are available at an additional premium.

The giant parasols provide extended daytime and seasonal use especially with the attachment of infrared heating.

The Parasols are easily opened.

They come with a smooth-running, removable hand winder as standard. However each parasol is also provided with a drill adapter. Simply insert the adapter into a cordless drill or screwdriver, insert into the crank and the parasol opens!

An Economically Sensible Addition

The 460E with ground sleeve is priced at £2405 not inc VAT and provides a covered area for 22 people. Working on the assumption of half the seats being filled and turning 2 covers per day for three days of the week at an average cover price of £8 per seat the parasol's investment price would be covered in under 10 weeks assuming the cover price has a 50% mark up. (The example assumes that the customers are acquired because of the outside facility provided by the Lugano 460E)

ie. £8 x 11 customers x 2 times per day = £176
£176 x 3 days x 10 weeks = £5280

The Lugatec Parasol adds an extra dimension to your serving areas and pays for itself quickly!

Package Contents;

Parasol covering in LugaTec with Valance
Standard frame colour RAL 9016 traffic white
Hand crank, drill adaptor & U-lock
Ground Sleeve Mounting Case for insitue base in RAL 7319 (grey)

For variations select from the drop down options below;

Price: 2,886.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Standard RAL Colour Code Choice: (See PDF above)


RAL Colour

Standard or Pagoda


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