6 Advantages of Electric Driveway Gates

If you’re thinking about ways to add security and value to your home, think about installing an electric driveway gate. Electric driveway gates offer an extra layer of protection and security for families and are a convenient and affordable option for home security.

We have listed 6 key benefits that come with choosing an automated driveway gate:

1. Security For most, added security is the top reason to buy an automatic driveway gate. Automatic driveway gates stop unwanted visitors and potential intruders from accessing your property and vehicles. Automation allows for you to safely and securely open your gate without the need for exiting your vehicle, decreasing any risks while maximising convenience! Also, think about installing additional security accessories, such as cameras and intercoms, to see and speak to whoever attempts to access your property.  2. Increased Kerb-Appeal  Make an otherwise generic looking driveway standout, improving the overall aesthetic feature of your home and your neighbourhood. A driveway gate is great for your property. Available in a range of colours, finishes and styles, you can add a classic or modern look to your home today. Read about how to find the perfect driveway gate here.  3. Safety A gate left open, or no gate at all provides a dangerous opportunity for small children and pets to wander off the property. An automatic driveway gate not only keeps unwanted visitors away from your property but keeps your loved ones safely inside. Controlling the entrance and exit to your home is important for keeping your family safe. 4. Increased Value  Electric driveway gates are an investment that has the potential of adding or increasing the value of your property when it’s time to sell. Not only will a good security system, like a driveway gate, benefit you and your family, but it will increase the appeal of your property to a potential new owner. It is an investment that pays back! 5. Added Privacy Privacy is an important feature of any home, and with an electric gate, you are in control of who enters your property and when.  If you live in the countryside or at the end of a long, winding driveway, it can be surprising the number of people who venture down your driveway or use your driveway to turnaround – perhaps without you even knowing it. Keep any unwanted vehicles and visitors from accessing your property with the installation of a driveway gate.  6. Minimal Maintenance Don’t let the potential maintenance cost deter you from adding an electric driveway gate to your property.  There is not much you need to do to maintain your automatic gate apart from routine cleaning once or twice a year and for keeping the tracks free of debris on electric sliding driveway gates. 

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