Awning Bracket & Installation Tips

We are the market leaders in delivering solutions for fixing and fitting awnings, so you can be sure to receive the utmost quality from design all the way through to the installation of our range. At Crocodilla, we believe in providing quality products with a service to match!

A quality awning is an investment in your home to be enjoyed for years to come, so it’s important to make sure the awning installation is completed to the highest of standards. The correct installation of an awning is crucial to longevity, durability, and ease of use.
Before any awning installation, take some time to consider these essential questions:
  • Can doors and windows be opened without obstructing the awning?
  • Is the weight of the awning evenly distributed across the brackets and wall?
  • Have the correct fittings and attachment methods been used?
By using the correct anchoring method and knowledgeable awning installer, a patio awning can be safely installed to virtually any property. Our awning brackets allow professional awning installation for most situations, using our custom brackets to overcome even the most obscure fixing challenges. This ensures a wide range of fixing solutions compatible for any awning make and model.
Gutter Brackets
Our gutter brackets allow an awning to be installed to a single-storey wall which is lacking height or sufficient mounting space to lift the awning above a gutter, or to avoid any obstruction with doors and windows. It will move the mounting position up and away to give a more flexible fixing position. We offer different varieties of these brackets including; Gutter Sign, Gutter Sign Recess Brackets, and Gutter T Signpost Brackets. Key Benefits:
  • Designed for a flexible position up and away from installation points
  • A solution for when extra height is needed
  • Will help to overcome any obstructions such as a low roofline, gutter, door or window
Spreader Brackets
Our spreader brackets are used for single-storey extensions to spread the load of the awning down several bricks, avoiding weak top courses. If the weight is not transferred, it might lever up the bricks and damage the brickwork making the installation unsafe. Our readymade spreader bracket range includes Spreader T Signpost, Spreader Plate, Spreader Sign and Spreader Sign Recess Brackets. Key Benefits:
  • Ideal for single-storey extension and end fix awnings
  • Spread the load down from the top of the wall
Croc Mounting Plates
This mounting solution offers an alternative to the heavier, bulkier brackets where applicable and is a universal bracket, making it a must-have for any professional awning installer. We offer both Single Mounting and Double Mounting Croc Plates. Key Benefits:
  • Designed and tested to carry all awning makes and models
  • Safe installation of awnings to flat brick walls
  • Available in a wide range of RAL colours and either mild or stainless steel flat plate
Waste Pipe Brackets
These awning brackets are used to lift the awning away from the wall to miss obstructions such as drainage downpipes and boiler flues. Key Benefits:
  • Can be used for installation of awnings on uneven walls
  • Used when there are limited fixing points below the awning mounting point
Custom Brackets
Crocodilla are market leaders in the provision of brackets for awning installations because of our understanding of the products, structures, and materials used in the field. Some examples of our custom brackets are:
  • Corner brackets
  • Joint brackets
  • Rafter brackets

Crocodilla are your leading awning bracket manufacturers

With over 60 years’ experience in metal fabrication, our family owned company has helped both the trade and public to overcome many installation challenges. You can be sure that whatever problem you are facing with the mounting of an awning, Crocodilla will have the solution with either a ready-made awning bracket design or a custom-made solution.