Big Brackets for a Big Awning

When we surveyed for our client in Basingstoke with UPVC weatherboarding over their rendered block, an awning with just two end fixings would have been ideal but they are generally limited to a 3m projection.   The projection here needed to be deeper so a 5.5 x 3.5m Weinor Semina Life was installed with our large box section gutter sign brackets made to full-length for maximum fixings.   Just two in-set awning brackets, negating the need for a middle fixing.  

The Crocodilla gutter sign brackets come complete with mounting plates on clamps so there is some adjustment if needed on site.

The client was delighted that there was a solution to the desired projection, saving the cost of a complete goal-post frame and bringing the project within budget. 

Our surveyor Lynn, employing her knowledge Weinor products together with Crocodilla’s bracket solutions, used by awning dealers UK wide, and another superior fit and finish by our own guys.