The Perfect Driveway Gate for Your Property

Choosing a driveway gate can be difficult, that’s why we are here to help!  Whether you’re thinking of a fully automated, swing or sliding driveway gate, we offer a large selection of customisable aluminium driveway gates to choose from. From quote to installation, our dedicated team can support you every step of the way.

Crocodilla sells beautiful, made-to-measure, low maintenance aluminium driveway gates in a range of colours and options. Driveway gates are an ideal way to add security, privacy and enhance the curb appeal of your property. Our gates can be fully automated to provide an added level of security and ease of use.  Choosing the right driveway gate may depend on several factors, such as available space, budget and required maintenance level. Read more for insights on how to choose the right type of gate for your property today!

What style of driveway gate best suits my property and my needs?

In order to make this choice, you have to ask yourself what your priorities are when choosing the right type of driveway gate. Prioritising needs and understanding several factors, such as available space, budget and required maintenance level, is important in order to make sure you choose the right gate for your needs.

For example, if privacy is the main concern, you should choose a full-panel sliding aluminium driveway gate. If low maintenance is your priority, look into a half-panel swing aluminium driveway gate.

Should I choose Driveway Gate Automation?

Not so many years ago, driveway gate automation could be seen as the ultimate luxury item, suitable for a large country home. Times have changed! Technology is a part of our everyday lives and having your driveway gate open and close automatically is no longer something that is out of the average budget.

An automatic gate system is still an investment in your property, but it will make operating your driveway gate much more secure, effective and convenient. Gates can provide an effective deterrent to trespassers and intruders, increasing your privacy and helping keep pets and young children safely on the property. Personal security and convenience are maximised as the gate can be operated remotely so you don’t have to leave the safety or warmth of your car to open and close your gate. 

How to choose between a swing or sliding driveway gate?

The layout and size of your driveway will be the largest factor in determining between either a swing or sliding driveway gate.

Characteristics of a sliding driveway gate:

  • Ideal for driveways with limited length or with an upward sloping driveway
  • Offer the highest level of security
  • Requires track and rollers to be kept free of debris to avoid causing the gate to derail and stop sliding

Characteristics of a swing driveway gate:

  • Works well for uneven driveways, like a gravel driveway
  • Less expensive, as mounting and operating can increase the cost
  • Quieter when being opened and closed
  • Less maintenance because there is no track or rollers to keep clear 

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How Crocodilla can help you…

We provide our customers with a full service, from a site survey for a formal quote, through to design and a professional and friendly installation. Crocodilla believes in using only the highest quality materials, making aluminium our choice over wooden gates due to their significant benefits. Have any questions or want to book a site survey? Contact us today


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