Creative Structures for Unique Events

When designing your event using our creative structures you have endless possibilities to create a space that is truly unique and will match your specific needs.

Creative events and spaces should feel one of a kind to create a lasting impression on those that see it. This is a great opportunity to market your brand, sell your product, or make unforgettable experiences that your friends and family will remember for years to come.


Crocodilla has compiled the top 4 tips for creating truly unique events and spaces using creative structures:

 1. Embrace Technology

Across our creative structure range, technology can easily be integrated to make your structure and event more enjoyable. If you are thinking of adding lights to your garden or patio seating area, the Crossover can hold up to 600kg of weight to make an amazing, yet intimate outdoor experience. The framework of the structures themselves are ideal for heating, cooling and AV equipment so you can create the perfect experience. Think about adding video and image mapping to project a unique image, or adding changing colours to transform your structure at night.

2. Branding

Our range of our creative structures are fully customisable to incorporate an endless selection of colours and logos. By branding your structure and side walls you will stand out from the crowd, ensures your event is the place that everyone wants to be. Furthermore, you can create temporary logos for specific events allowing for something truly unique. And with quick assembly and ease of transportation, your branded creative structure can be taken to events worldwide!

3. Year Round Use

In addition to being able to mount heating or fans, the addition of side panels include the option for windows and doors, for a structure that you can use year round. Whether you have the Lounger in your garden, or the Hexadome for your outdoor wedding, the addition of side walls means you can have as much cover and protection from the elements as you require. In addition, our structure’s robust yet lightweight designs are certified stormproof. Rest assured that even in extreme circumstances, your structure will still be standing where you left it.   

4. Style Statement

The adaptability of our structures to any type of requirement allows you to be really creative and think outside the box. Use the imposing natural structure of the Hexadome to create a visual space that represents your event or your style. Think about adding colours, art, lighting and flooring to make something dramatic. Be innovative and add unique indoor furniture, like a leather sofa and table lamps for an outdoor event, the juxtaposition will make your event stand out!

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At Crocodilla, we are specialists when it comes to providing high-quality outdoor furnishings products providing installation and maintenance where required. Our creative structures can be purchased and self-assembled although we will offer advice on anchoring.

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