Driveway Gate Automation with Crocodilla

Crocodilla are specialist suppliers of exterior furnishings including a premium range of custom, made-to-measure driveway gates.  

Driveway gates add instant kerb appeal and help to make a statement whilst providing increased security for your home. Electric driveway gates add an extra layer of security and convenience allowing you to open your driveway gate and access your property with the touch of a button. All of our Kostum aluminium driveway gates are designed and manufactured to be automated, providing you with endless choices.

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When deciding on gate automation the first two questions to answer are:
  1. Will a sliding or swinging driveway gate work best for your property?
  2. Would you like underground or above ground automation installation?

The layout and size of your driveway will be the largest factor in determining between either a swing or sliding driveway gate.

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Choosing between an above ground or below ground installation depends on the sloping conditions of your driveway. Get in touch with the Crocodilla team for more details.

Here are the 4 innovative gate automation options to choose from:
  • Invisio – an integrated motor for swing gates with no visible mechanical arms. Highly adaptable to driveway conditions and intensive use
  • Epona – motor is integrated into the bottom crossbar of the gate, enabling a telescopic sliding opening. See the video demonstration here>>
  • Underground Automation - the most popular type of automation system as there are no signs of any mechanisms, making it both aesthetically pleasing and practical
  • Above Ground Automation - a simple system, ideal if budget is limited as it required no excavation because it’s post mounted and fully visible

All of our automatic gates open and close when instructed by a variety of methods. Remote control, keypads, and even smartphone operations allow for the ultimate in accessibility and ease of use. Ask us for more information on finding the best solution for your home today. 

Electric driveway gates by Crocodilla… 

Our bespoke made to measure designs mean Crocodilla are the chosen supplier for a wide range of quality outdoor products including garage doors, awnings, and gates. From design to installation, our friendly and professional team of experts are here to help. Get in contact with us today to book a free site survey for a formal quote and we will answer any of your driveway gate automation questions.

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