Roller Vs Sectional Garage Doors - What's the best choice?

New garage doors instantly transform your home, enhancing kerb appeal and adding value to your property. There are additional benefits of installing a new garage door such as security and safety, as well as insulation and utility, even extending the living space of your home.

When choosing your new garage door, it’s important to think about all factors to determine which door will best fit your needs. Factors such as garage size, driveway length, and security features may influence your choice. Crocodilla have put together a quick guide to help you understand the differences between roller and sectional garage doors to help you make the best choice.


What is a roller garage door?

Roller garage doors are constructed from individual horizontal slats that fit together and when opened, tightly coil into a drum on the ceiling of the garage. Similar to a sectional door, they open vertically. The main difference is the sections in roller doors are very small and do not slide back into the roof of the garage space, instead rolling up above the door opening.


  • Suitable for garages with limited headroom
  • Space saving- perfect for smaller garages
  • Robust and secure
  • Manually operated option for when power is not available

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What is a sectional garage door?

Sectional garage doors are automatic vertically opening doors, constructed of horizontal panels (usually between 3-8) which combine to create a section of panels which fit together as one. This allows the door to slide up vertically, section by section on the horizontal runners which are on the garage ceiling. This option combines practically and safety with a stylish and modern design that can be customised to suit your property.


  • Works well for short driveways
  • Strong, durable and secure
  • Comes in a wide range of surface finishes, colours and styles
  • Ideal for larger garage openings

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