Top tips to prepare your garage door & driveway gate for winter

Just as you prepare your car and home for the winter months, you should also care for your garage doors and driveway gates as part of your routine winter maintenance.

Autumn is the perfect time to schedule a tune-up for your garage door and driveway gate. Get your gate or door checked out before the winter hits – saving you time, money and giving you peace of mind.

We compiled our top tips for getting your driveway gate and garage door winter-ready: 

  • Remove any piled up leaves and debris. Look around the base of your fences and driveway gates, especially around automation equipment and ensure the tracks are clear.
  • Skip the salt. The salt and snow-melting agents commonly used around homes can eat away at the finish of your doors and gates. Instead, clear snow the old fashioned way and use a broom.
  • Schedule seasonal maintenance. Electric driveway gates and garage doors can require seasonal maintenance. Call a qualified engineer to ensure parts like rollers are working smoothly and safely and to have the hydraulic fluid changed and gate hinges greased to keep them functioning correctly throughout the season.
  • Check the weather stripping on your garage door. If the rubber weather seal on the bottom of the door is brittle or cracked it needs to be replaced in order to ensure your garage is kept as warm as possible.
  • Be careful of holiday decorations. If you’re thinking of hanging lights or decorations, ensure you have enough clearance when the gate or door opens. If decorations get caught in the moving parts they can cause damage to the machine and your decorations.
  • Invest in a new door or gate. If you have an old garage door or driveway gate, it could be time to think about making the investment and purchasing a new one. Many high-quality, modern garage doors are designed with insulated cores to keep your garage comfortable during the cold months. Discover our SeceuroGlide Classic, the market leader in insulated roller garage doors.
  • Be prepared for snow and ice. If snow and ice are in the forecast, think about simply leaving the gate locked in an open position to prevent the gate mechanism from being frozen in the closed position.
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