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At Crocodilla, we offer a complete range of brackets compatible with all awning systems in daily use throughout the United Kingdom due to their flexible design.


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All installation brackets are designed to provide additional functionality for the installer to provide a safe installation. Our range of brackets should be thought of as a kit bag of options to help install awnings upon customer’s properties where no obvious solution exists. 

They are modular in design, in as much as that they follow the same safe and independently tested principal and can be scaled up to overcome differing installation problems – more on this as each bracket is described.

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Custom Brackets

We also provide a custom design and manufacture service to provide bracket solutions for any issues that may occur during or after installation. We pride ourselves on our ability to engineer solutions to the most obscure problems encountered.

Some of our ready-made range includes:

Brackets content

Awning Bracket Manufacture Market Leaders

Crocodilla is the market leader in providing solutions for fixing and fitting problems for Awnings.

With over 60 years’ experience in metal fabrication, this family owned company has helped both the trade and public to overcome many installation problems. You can be sure that whatever problem you are facing with the mounting of an awning, Crocodilla will have the solution with either a ready-made awning bracket design or a custom-made solution.

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Unexpected Installation Challenges

We have tried to cover all aspects of installation, but the very nature of the subject can provide unexpected challenges. Should this be the case and you are presented with a situation you are unfamiliar with, don’t worry, take a photograph and submit to us at whereupon we shall be only too happy to give our advice.

Custom Design Service

Custom Design Service

Crocodilla Ltd are market leaders in the provision of brackets for awning installation because of our understanding of the products, structures and materials used in the field.

Some examples include: 

  • Corner brackets
  • Joist brackets
  • Joist hanger brackets
  • Rafter brackets
  • Special brackets

  • Custom Designed Brackets to solve your awning mounting problem
  • Custom Designed Brackets to solve your awning mounting problem
  • Custom Designed Brackets to solve your awning mounting problem
  • Custom Designed Brackets to solve your awning mounting problem


How We Help...

You can call us with either your design or a description of the problem and we’ll be delighted to give you advice and a quotation that suits your needs. We may ask you to take a picture and take some measurements for us to help us solve your problem in the most cost effective and safe method possible.

Crocodilla are always happy to help with that special project but we do need some help in helping you so please send your drawing, along with a photo, a note of the awning model & manufacturer & a brief description of what the project is intended for.

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Free Standing & Wall Mounted Frames

Free Standing & Wall Mounted Frames

Primarily a Trade Product, they can be used for free standing installations where there is no structure to attach an awning on to the building.

Designed for the commercial market with Pubs, clubs and restaurants as the target audience, free standing frames are great for maximising space, and with back to back options, extending trading areas without resorting to building regulations.

Crocodilla Awning Frames are manufactured to provide the structural strength for the awning installation, the frames can be manufactured from either mild steel or stainless depending upon your application.

Take a look at the gallery below to see our frame installations. 

Infill & Wind Sensor Brackets

Infill & Wind Sensor Brackets

Always being asked by the customer what about the gap behind my pipe bracket, gutter bracket and the water that gets in? Well we have a solution, our own made water & light deflector Top cap. Made from 3 mm aluminium with our standard powder coating process applied for rust inhibition they are available in two styles flat with a return lip or with an angle to deflect the water back into the gutter. Max in one piece due to material size is 3 metres wide.

Designed for the correct installation of the wind sensor, this bracket is a valuable addition to the Crocodilla range of installation accessories. By attaching the wind sensor bracket to the gutter bracket before you place your fixing bracket on, you’ve the perfect position for replicating the awnings operational conditions and no more worries about siting in a ‘flat zone’ *

Fits all awning systems and can be ‘higher’ or ‘lowered’ depending upon the conditions on sites due to its flexible installation.

* Always check prevailing wind conditions, measure & identify site influences & test wind sensor response on the awning before deciding on sitting the wind sensor unit.

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