Top Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door

Often the garage door is not only the largest door of a home but the most visible. This gives you the opportunity to complement your home with a beautifully designed garage door. But with so many choices on the market, what is right for you?

Combining exceptional design and high-quality materials, the SeceuroGlide range of garage doors enhance the curb appeal of your home while combining security and practicality all with a bespoke modern design. Read our top tips to help you choose the best option for your requirements!

1. Design

The first question we recommended asking is what style would best suit the space you have. Roller garage doors can be fitted in nearly every shape and size of an opening for a neat and compact style. Sectional garage door design makes the most of your space, both inside and outside, by rising vertically allowing you to park right up to the front. A lateral garage door is perfect for more confined spaces as it requires only a minimal amount of headroom and offers a partial horizontal opening, ideal for bicycle and pedestrian access.  Low on headroom? Go for the SeceuroGlide Compact. Ideal for garages with very limited space but when you still want the fantastic design features, this door needs only 90mm of headroom! 2. Windows Windows, otherwise known as vision slats, on your garage door can enhance kerb appeal. Allowing natural light in can help make a naturally dark space warmer and more welcoming. If your garage is a place of work or play, choosing vision slats as an option in your SeceuroGlide Classic is the way to go! 3. Finish and Colour From a wood-effect finish to standard classic colours and bespoke RAL colours, we have you covered. Complement your existing windows and doors with a range of textured woodgrain finishes, including a plain white woodgrain finish.  If you want to make your home appear larger, go with a colour that is similar to the rest of your home so as not to draw attention to the proportions, giving yourself the ability to direct the eye to a different part of the house like a garden feature or the beautiful  Opal Awning. Prefer to create a striking contrast? Make a statement by choosing a bright and bold accent colour to get your garage door and home noticed. 4. Insulation A properly insulated garage door will keep your utility bills down for winter and summer months. If your space is for work or play, insulation is crucial for making it an enjoyable environment. All of our SeceuroGlide garage doors offer improved insulation and a weather-seal between panels helping to keep your garage comfortable year-round. 5. Security Whether your garage is attached to your home or not, it’s vital your security needs are met. Older doors are more at risk as more robust security measures have been put in place by many garage door manufacturers in the last decade or so. Roller and sectional garage doors are more protected than up-and-over doors due to how they open. However, if security is a top concern for you, look at the SecuroGlide Excel roller garage door. For maximum security enhancement, it has been the first garage door of any kind to complete independent testing and approval to police and insurance standards.  6. Accessories Combining security, practicality and style our garage doors have a wide range of remote options, including SeceuroGlide Connect. A wireless system that allows you to control your door from a smartphone or tablet and SeceurGlide Connect+ which gives you the ability to operate the controls from just a telephone call. Lighting options are available on many of the doors, like the SeceuroGlide Classic, which not only enhances the look of your garage door and home but will also provide security and practicality. View our range of Roller Garage Doors here>>> View our range of Sectional Garage Doors here>>> View our Lateral Garage Door here>>>   Crocodilla is here to help you… Overwhelmed with the number of options? Have questions about what is going to be best for your home? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our fully trained professional and friendly installation team will visit you at your home to discuss your requirements, followed by taking measurements and installing your door.

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