Outdoor Living

At Crocodilla Ltd we offer a huge range out exterior spaces for both domestic and commercial uses

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The Lounger

Semi Permanent or mobile, the lounger provides a spacious, uncluttered, unobstructed cover, protecting from sun and rain.

Options for temporary anchorage make the Lounger suitable for any location. Windows, side panels, modular units, a versatile must have for the large garden. Loungers with sidewalls form a perfect walk around village effect for any event or show. Dynamic structures with Corporate identity draw the eyes of the public from a distance.

Available in two sizes the Lounger provides the best in portable patio cover, it’s modular design allows for multiple Loungers to be joined, creating the perfect cover for a large garden party, and with side panels and windows added it becomes a superb garden marquee. Position it for optimum use any day.

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The Crossover

Reclaim under-used areas of your garden with a flexible versatile space. Stunning, dynamic and contemporary, discover outdoor living with all year round use with the addition of sides and a door. We offer colours inspired by nature to sit beautifully within your landscape.

There is a size to suit your space; by joining sizes and varying heights, you can create an all season outdoor space limited only by your imagination.

The Crossover is an ideal structure particularly for Trade Shows.  The extensive options for branding the structure and the use of colour in the cover and the framework will enhance your corporate identity.  In a busy conference venue of like for like stands the Crossover’s dramatic dome is a real muster point.   The framework itself is ideal for hanging lights and AV equipment.  The options for temporary anchorage at indoor venues or town squares and public places and the quick set up time and ingenious compact storage mean your investment will go anywhere. 

The Hexadome

The Hexadome

The Hexadome is the daddy of the range. Grouped together, particularly with Crossover structures they make fascinating interiors and dramatic venues. The structure itself is so easily adapted for lighting using the strength of the structure. There are connection solutions from the manufacturer or bespoke from Crocodilla. The strength of the structure enables you to make a static venue where your investment in flooring and internal decoration is well spent. Ultimately though, believe it or not, these structure are portable.


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