Crocodilla lifters and brackets proving their versatility


The Croc team fitting today and demonstrating the total adaptability of the brilliant KSF portable lifter, we had the big CM520 out today.

Ideally you want the awning to come up as close to your brackets as possible when the portable lifter is at the fitting height. This means the fitting team have the minimum amount of free lifting to reach the brackets. As you see from the image below, we had one leg in the house, one on the step and 2 up on blocks, with the outmost leg, chocked and clamped.
Crocodilla’s sales consultant/surveyor Lynn, had the 60mm box section Crocodilla Gutter Brackets fitted prior to the cladding so the bracket is recessed and has low profile.
Another fabulous result for our happy client and thanks as always to our brilliant fitting team.
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One thought on “Crocodilla lifters and brackets proving their versatility

  1. Marge says:

    Wow, simply amazing fitting work! High-five to the fitting team. What a great bunch of guys, clearly experts at what they do.

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