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Solamagic Heaters

Solamagic Heaters

Our Patio Heaters are efficient, effective, economic, eco friendly and eye pleasing! The Solamagic® range of infrared heaters is designed to perfection, providing optimum performance along with stunning style. Designed to look like they belong on the patio’s and terraces of the world’s very best hotels while sitting beautifully on your patio or loggia and are sure to impress all visitors. Infrared Heating provides a safe, economic, efficient and eco friendly solution to all your outdoor heating needs in both the domestic and commercial environments.

Providing instant heat across considerable distances, with little to no disturbance by the breeze or even wind makes the Solamagic®  Infrared Heater, the Patio Heater of choice!

Fly Fishing Steel Weathervane


We offer an extensive range of weathervanes in designs from the traditional to the whimsical. Crafted from heavy-duty steel and professionally powder coated in a black finish for a durable and high-quality finish. We provide both small and large versions to suit any home, garage or barn. 

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Steel Garden Bench

Garden Benches

Our garden benches are a practical piece of garden furniture that is also comfortable and graceful. Our benches are handcrafted from steel bar and plates and powder coated to give an attractive, high-quality weather resistant finish. The standard colour we offer is black, however, other colour options are available upon request. 

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Hanging Basket Brackets

Hanging Basket Brackets

Our extensive range of decorative multi – purpose brackets have numerous uses around the home and garden. For example, they can be used to suspend lanterns, wind chimes, bird feeders and floral hanging baskets. They are elegant yet strong and are crafted from heavy duty steel and powder coated in a black finish for durability.

Owl Coat Hook

Coat Hooks

Our coat hooks provide an attractive and useful function for the home, garden or workplace. They are crafted from steel and powder coated for an attractive, durable finish. Easy to fit with an average size approx. 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12"). 

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Garden Gates

Garden Gates

Our standard height 91cm (36”) garden gate is available in a range of striking, unusual designs. All gates are supplied with hinges and a latch and are hand crafted from heavy duty steel bar and plate. They are substantial, and are powder coated for an attractive weather resistant finish. Standard colour is black; other colour options are available, please contact us for details. In general they are designed to fit 91cm (36”), 99cm (39”) and 107cm (42”) wide openings. If your opening dimensions are different to this, please get in touch, as we can make you a bespoke gate (or pair of gates). Steel gatepost sets are also available, if required.


Lawn Silhouettes & Plant Markers

Lawn Silhouettes & Plant Markers

Our attractive lawn silhouettes and plant markers are currently based on a fairy theme with further designs planned. They are crafted from steel and powder coated for durability. Approx. height for our lawn silhouettes is 35cm (14").

Each Silhouette fits into the lawn and is held in place with its spikes at its outer bottom edge.