Portable Lifters for Awning Installations

Product Code: CA400
portable lifters, awning installations
portable lifters, awning installations
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Turning a 3 man lifting job into a 1 man lifting job. Making lifting jobs easier and the overall installation of loads more time efficient. 

With a Load Capacity of 150kg to a height of 3 meters, this Compact Portable Lifter for Awning installation stands at 95 cm in height unopened and weighs 66kg making it easily transported by an individual.

  • Constructed by heat treated, robust aluminium
  • Set-Up without tools
  • The legs can be released or fold in seconds without tools.
  • 4 Legs, versatile and infinitely adjustment, available use in uneven ground
  • Electric remote control with variable speed switch
  • Emergency Stop Button. 
  • Manual operation: The Portable Lifter is designed to be manually in case of power failure
  • Automatic slipping-clutch to prevent over weight loading
  • Level to ensure the proper set-up while and adjusting the telescoping legs
  • Platform Special design 
  • Telescoping masts for CM 340 and CM 520 - Sliding rails for CA 400
  • CM 520 and CA 400 are equipped with wheels, option for CM 340
  • Equipped with handle and transport wheels to move easy on working site (CM 520 and CA 400)


 Certificate of EMC Compliance



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