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Crocodilla offer a comprehensive choice of patio roof systems to provide superior sun projection with elegant framework, offering greater projection depths and wind capability than a fully retractable awning.  The added benefit of vertical shading the front can transform a fully south facing patio into a space you can safely enjoy again.  Please look a the the beautiful Weinor Plaza Viva.   For those who want the best of both worlds, superior wind and rain protection with options to enclose the sides and front, giving an exterior space in cooler weather, please take a look at the contemporary lines of the Weinor Pergotex.   The durable cover can fully retract to enjoy the sunshine and the option of LED lights across the cover makes a magical evening atmosphere.

To ensure your terrace is protected in absolutely all weathers the beautifully engineered Weinor Terrazza can cover considerable widths, the strong laminated glass makes a pleasant safe environment to enjoy all year round.   The addition of lights, heating and under glass shading can transform how you use your outdoor space.

For a really modular, innovative style, take a look at our Vermont louvre roof system.  Adaptable to either attach to your home or stand alone anywhere in the garden, the louvres allow you to track the sun throughout the day or shut it out altogether.   There is a manual option to give you a space away from the house without the need for run electrics or to keep in budget.  It can be enclosed on all sides giving you privacy and wind protection near a pool or hot tub, or shelter for a BBQ area.    Sun shade, rain and wind protection all in one stylish, versatile system.