Side Hinged Garage Doors

CarTeck side hinged & personnel doors consist of solid panels, engineered frames and high grade fittings which result in a garage door that closes with a 'reassuring clunk!' With a range of stylish, finished and the option to add windows in a variety of styles, there is a garage door to suit every home.

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Solid 40mm thick panels

The side hinged garage doors are manufactured with 40mm thick interlocking panels and an aluminium hollow section frame which provides strength and rigidity as well as corrosion resistance.

The mitred door leaf frame and door frame are finished in a matching smooth finish for white, Trend and RAL coloured doors and a complimentary flat colour for Golden Oak (RAL8003), Rosewood (RAL8016), Dark Oak (RAL8014) and Winchester (RAL8001) wood grain effect finishes.



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High grade stainless steel handles and lock covers are tough and attractive, whilst the latch and dead bolt combination provides security you can rely on. Aluminium hinges with secured hinge bolts make it extremely difficult to lever open the door and are easily adjusted. 2 or 3 hinges are fitted to each leaf dependent on size. If you have a specific hardware requirement, talk to us as alternative designs can often be accommodated. 

With enhanced security, you can be confident that your garage door will keep unwanted beings from entering your private space.


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Styles & Finishes

The CarTeck range of side-hinged garage and personnel doors come in a range of 4 styles, available either horizontal or vertical.

  • Solid
  • Centre Ribbed
  • Georgian Panel
  • Standard-Rib

Choose from a range of 4 textures, most of which can be combined with any style or colour combination.

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Options & Accessories

Scratch-resistant, 16mm double glazed, easy-clean windows in attractive designs
allow natural light into your garage.

Each style is available with clear, frosted or opaque glazing. The window units are fitted with a polyurethane frame that is coloured to match or compliment the panel colour of the door.

* Available on Solid profile doors only. Round is shown in stainless steel and is also available in polycarbonate. ** Available on standard ribbed, Centre ribbed and solid profile doors only.