The Ultimate in Garage Door Security

The SecuroGlide Excel Garage Door – the first garage door to be tested and approved by police and insurance standards. 

The main reason for purchasing a new Garage Door is to enhance your home’s security levels. Security is a high priority for all homeowners, but with so many Garage Doors on the market it can be difficult to know where to look. 

Crocodilla offer high-quality Garage Door’s from the SWS SecuroGlide range; the go-to Garage Doors for the security conscious individual. 


The SecuroGlide Excel Roller Garage Door

For potential burglars, the Garage Door is often the prime area for easy access into a property. The Garage is typically the place that contains high-value items and also often provides further access into your home. 

The SecuroGlide Excel is the ultimate in Garage Door security. Being the first to be officially tested and approved by police and insurance standards, recognised on a national level.

Fully insulated and uniquely designed, the SecuroGlide Excel provides you with the highest available security specification on the market to date

The SecuroGlide Excel is a roller Garage Doors and available in a choice of 18 paint or wood effects and over 40 textured wood-grain finished – meaning we can offer a Garage Doors designed to suit your home & taste. 

Each Garage Door is supplied with a SecuroSense receiver with built in courtesy light, your choice of two key fobs, an optical safety edge, and an internal manual override. 

There are also various other accessories available to further enhance security and give you peace of mind. 

If security is a high priority for you then the SecuroGlide Excel Roller Garage Door is the perfect choice. When it comes to your home’s security and your family’s safety, there is no compromise. 


Design Features Include;

– Secure Locking – a uniquely designed end plate system secures the door shut every time, meaning that the door cannot be lifted open

– Space saving design allows for more space inside your garage

– Half, full, or no box available

– Manual override crank ensures you never get locked out

– Vacation Mode which can be activated by your remote control prevents intruders from operating the door via the receivers control panel

– Weather protection – fully insulated 

– Reduced noise

– Available in a wide range of standard classic colours, wood grain finishes, and bespoke RAL colours

– 7-year motor warranty

– Made in the UK

– Fully CE Marked 


The benefits do not end here. If you would like to find out more about the SecuroGlide Excel or any of our Garage Door range, please get in touch with a member of our team